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Photo uploads failing majority of the time

May 3, 2011 at 6:22 PM


I am currently having an issue with my new Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit machine where I simply cannot upload any pictures regardless of browser or application.  I did have some limited success however with LiveUpload to Facebook, so I'm currently trying to see if I can resolve the issue.

Logging into Facebooks appears to work fine.  It shows me my account profile as one of the choices I can select.  LiveUpload also shows my all my albums and lets me pick the appropriate one.  When a single photo is selected for upload, the progress bar quickly jumps to 95% or so complete, then just sits there for a few minutes, after which the application will return with "0 photos uploaded successfully, 1 photo unsuccessfully uploaded", or words to that effect.

Clicking on "more information" I get the following error message: Uploading "075.JPG"...Failed with the following error: "Facebook did not respond to the request. Please try again.

As I said, I was successful in uploading a few pictures with LiveUpload.  Out of a batch of 14, 2 were successfully uploaded.  I have also been able to create new albums with LiveUpload, although I still have the upload issue.